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Schools: a great place to teach yoga

- There is an ethos of care

– Both teens and staff learn yoga to energise, to release stress and anxiety and to relax
– A yoga class is a safe place of non-judgement and inclusivity
– Teen yoga is about learning how to handle emotions, relationships and situations calmly
– Focus, concentration, self-discipline and self-worth improve, which help academic study
– Yoga is taught through PE or PHSE or on enrichment days for staff and students
– Lunchtime yoga and after school yoga is available
– I create special sessions with staff for targetted small groups

Sharing simple yoga techniques with staff and students:


Schools are an ideal place to introduce yoga to teens and children. Teachers want the best for their students. Research shows that a pupil learns best when he/she feels happy and safe. Also, teachers are trusted by students and there is a relationship of care. Above all, teachers are best placed to notice if a child is distressed, anxious, depressed, unconfident or upset. Having a quiet place to share yoga helps children to feel safe and communicate their emotions and needs.

Benefits for Students:

Yoga compliments all the safe guarding care and training that exists in schools. Through yoga, students can calm down and relax, release worries and emotions safely; their sense of self-worth and inner confidence grows. Yoga tools help pupils to understand how to respond to situations rather than react, and how to keep themselves safe, healthy and happy.

The Right Training for Your School:

I work with secondary schools in Cambridge. I devise specific courses for staff so that they can share simple yoga techniques with their students. Teachers practice the yoga techniques and feel the benefits of yoga too!

Each school is different and each child is different. Yoga can be taught in PE or PHSE lessons, lunchtimes, after school or in special small group sessions for particular children. I create an individual plan for your school, based on your school’s needs for yoga and mindfulness sessions.

How it works:

Training takes place in weekly yoga sessions with staff alongside weekly yoga sessions for the students. Teachers are fully supported by me through their yoga training and also in their teaching sessions. This is to ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the techniques taught and why they work. To begin with, I team teach the student yoga sessions alongside the teachers, gradually handing over fully to teachers by the end of the yoga course.

Teaching is a very demanding and stressful job – I am a qualified and experienced Primary School teacher so I have first hand experience! I teach staff yoga and meditation sessions to release stress, increase strength, flexibility and clarity in mind and body. We finish each session with deep relaxation.

I  teach yoga to KS2, KS3 and KS4 pupils before, during or after school.

Research on Kids and Teen Yoga

Anna Youngs is a fully trained and experienced Teen Yoga teacher, Primary School Teacher, adult yoga teacher and yoga therapist, kids yoga and family yoga teacher with DBS check, first aid certificate and full insurance.

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