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While students settle back into school, there are no teen yoga sessions planned at the moment. Classes will resume after October half term, time tbc. Please register your interest by contacting me.  

In the meantime, students can practice the free teen yoga session below.

A free teen yoga practice via YouTube

This teen yoga practice is free and available for anyone to practice, aged 11 – 16 or older.

This practice aims to strengthen, stretch, focus and calm the body and mind, helping students to release pent up energy and to feel good, You can do this practice as many times as you like.

At the end of the practice, make time to rest and relax!

By watching the videos, you take full responsibility to practice yoga safely.

I can be myself – there are no judgemental 16 year olds here.

E, age 16

The games are fun and it is a great way to let go of stress at the end of the school week.

J, age 13

I love that there are no phones and we can totally relax.

S, age 13

Courses restart after October half term 2020, Time and date to be confirmed.

Ultimately, yoga is about being kind to yourself. Teen yoga gives you the opportunity to learn techniques that will help you to do this. This means tools to relax, to release tension from your body and mind and to feel good about yourself. In my teen yoga sessions, you have a space away from the stresses of school, home, work, friends and social media to be yourself. Most of all, each class is fun, relaxed and calming.

Above all, yoga is not a sport. Luckily, you do not have to be sporty or fit or flexible to join in! This is because yoga in non-competitive. It’s main focus is to bring calm to the body and mind.

After a busy week, how everyone is feeling when they arrive dictates the theme of the teen yoga and mindfulness class. That is, if everyone is tired, the class focus is more on relaxing or energising. However, when most people are feeling energetic, we work with that energy to enjoy moving through games and yoga.

Essentially, yoga teaches that no emotion or state of mind is fixed. In yoga, everything can be released or channelled to help you feel good. Through yoga games, poses and sequences, each student can explore how they are feeling and how this affects their bodies and minds. Over the course, you learn how to to strengthen or stretch, to be still or flow, to balance and focus or to release and free up. We focus on breathing properly and how this calms the emotions and mind. At the end, we finish each class with guided relaxation.

There is opportunity to reflect on what is going well at that moment and what is not be going well. We share ways that may help each teen to overcome any issues, including yoga practices. Students can share any thoughts, feelings and ideas that they want to in a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment. Most importantly, there is time to talk together, to make new friends, to share ideas and experiences … or to just listen.

Wear comfortable clothes you can stretch in. For greater comfort, bring a jumper or a blanket for the relaxation part. Enjoy snacks and drinks at the end. Yoga mats are provided.

Sometimes being in a class setting is not be the best place for you  / your teen to discover the many benefits of yoga. If you  / your teen has a particular physical, emotional or mental health issue that practicing yoga may help to address, then I am very happy to teach you / your teen on a 121 basis (with an adult / carer present). There are many ways that yoga can soothe anxiousness, calm worries and fears, nurture self-esteem and self-confidence, or help a depressed person feel more positive. Please contact me below if you would like to find out more.

Timetable and Booking

Anna Youngs is a fully trained and experienced Teen Yoga teacher, Primary School Teacher, kids yoga and family yoga teacher with DBS check, first aid certificate and full insurance.

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teen yoga and mindfulness
teen yoga and mindfulness

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