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Kids Yoga & Mindfulness

A free 15 minute kids yoga practice via YouTube

This kids yoga practice is free and available for anyone to practice, aged 3 – 11 or older. Parents can do it too!
You do not need to have done yoga before; if you have, you might recognise some of the poses. You do not need a yoga mat though one would be helpful.
Yoga is non-competitive and non-judgemental. It is about having a go and seeing what you can do and how it makes you feel.
This practice aims to strengthen, stretch, focus and calm the body and mind, helping children to release pent up energy and to feel good, You can do this practice as many times as you like.
It is 15 minutes long. At the end of the practice, make time to rest and relax!
By watching the video, you take full responsibility to practice yoga safely.

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Classes are fun, relaxing, welcoming and calming classes to help your child feel good about themsleves, others and the world around them. Ever since becoming a Primary School teacher 25 years ago, I have loved working with children. Their energy, honesty, creativity and sense of fun is a joy to experience. Because of this, I encourage the children to focus on, express and release their energy and creativity through yoga games and individual movement. Afterwards, children are ready to become calm and enjoy guided relaxation. They become more aware of their actions, feelings and emotions. Ultimately, this gives children tools to release energy in a healthy way and to relax.

Anna Youngs is a fully trained and experienced Primary School Teacher, kids yoga and family yoga teacher with DBS check, first aid certificate and full insurance.

My current kids yoga course is for chldren aged 7 – 11.
It is on Fridays term time from 3.45 – 4.30pm at the Scout Hut, Flamsteed Road, Cambridge, CB1 3QU.
It is £3 a session, payable for the term in advance. If new, you are welcome to try out a class for £3 before committing to the term. Snacks and water are provided at the end of the class. Parents are welcome to join in!

Yoga is a wonderful way to engage with children’s natural energy, sense of fun and desire to explore to help them learn more about their bodies, how they can use them to express themselves, and also to learn the connection between mind and body (how our thoughts and feelings influence the way we behave and move).

The yoga sessions aim to help each child grow in self-confidence, communication skills, self-expression and happiness.

We practice yoga in bare feet. The room is lovely and warm. The children have a yoga mat each. We usually play a game, explore a theme and try a few different yoga poses and sequences, sometimes on their own, sometimes with a partner, sometimes as a whole group. We spend some time connecting with our breathing and we chat about how the different practices make them feel. The children release energy, have fun, improve their strength, flexibility, balance and focus. By the end of the session, a calmness settles and the children experience different ways to rest, noticing how good it feels to be calm, quiet and relaxed.

All children are welcome to the sessions. All children are encouraged to treat each other with respect, to listen well, respond positively and to share their thoughts, if they want to.

Sometimes being in a class setting may not be the best place for your child to discover the many benefits of yoga. If your child has a particular physical, emotional or mental health issue that practicing yoga may help to address, then I am very happy to teach your child on a 121 basis (with an adult / carer present). There are many ways that yoga can soothe an anxious child or calm a worried child, nurture a lonely child or help a depressed child feel more positive. Please contact me below if you would like to find out more.

Timetable and Booking

Be a STEADY treebe a RESTING mousebe a CALM, HAPPY child

I like doing mountain pose because you can become a volcano and erupt – that is fun!

Emily , age 7

I like tree pose because you can be nature and it is full of joy.

Evelyn, age 8

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