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teen children yoga calm
Teen Yoga
teen children yoga calm
Kids Yoga
teen children yoga calm
Yoga in Schools

Teens + Children + Yoga = calm.

Giving teens and children the opportunity to discover the benefits of yoga for themselves: finding positive ways to release energy and stress, improving strength, flexibilty and focus in body and mind, learning ways to calm and relax and enjoy being themselves.

– When our bodies feel healthy, we feel good:
movement helps fast-growing bodies be strong, supple, fit and healthy.

– Yoga is non-competitve:
we explore what we can do as individuals and as a team. Accept difference.

– Yoga helps to create happy thoughts and feelings:
connection, feeling positive, self-belief and contentment.

Yoga helps to release pent up energy:
eg frustration, boredom, anger or worries; helping students to feel calmer.

Yoga is about making friends, having fun and relaxing:
no social media and non-judgementals, where everyone is included.

Yoga is about developing compassion for ourselves, each other and the world.

Anna Youngs is a fully trained and experienced Teen Yoga teacher, Primary School Teacher, kids yoga and family yoga teacher with DBS check, first aid certificate and full insurance.

Timetable and Booking

Course information:

Online Teen yoga course available now  – starting April 15th 2020. Click here. 
There is no online kids yoga at present.

The classes provide a safe place where students are always welcome, however they are feeling. Each week, each class explores different ways to move, breathe and relax through different poses and moments of stillness and quietness. If students want to, there is an opportunity to share and discuss thoughts and reflections on how they are feeling and how they would like to feel.

Teaching in Schools:

As an experienced school teacher, parent and yoga teacher, I am in a unique position. Not only can I teach a wide variety of yoga techniques to teens and children inmy own classes and on a 121 / small group basis, but I am also able to teach school staff how to share a range of simple, yoga tools with the students in their care. I offer specific staff yoga training courses, tailored to each school’s requirements and budget. This can include enrichment days, school clubs and staff yoga sessions. Before we can share yoga, we need to experience the relaxing and energising benefits of yoga ourselves!

Private sessions:

I also offer 121 therapeutic yoga for teens and kids to give special attention and support when it is most needed.

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move freely – breathe freely – live freely

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