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Anna Youngs yoga teacherFirstly, I teach yoga because I love how it makes people feel better. At the end of each class each person has released tension, emotion, tiredness and stress. This helps each person to find a happy place within, where they can relax and be themselves.
Secondly, I teach yoga because I believe it works. Ever since my first yoga class, my personal yoga journey has brought me many things. To begin with, I felt the health benefits of stretching and strengthening my muscles and then relaxing deeply. Over time, yoga has bought me joy, health, a life-time of learning and the tools to help me with everyday challenges. Ultimately, the more I learn, the more I discover there is to learn.
Thirdly, I teach yoga because it can be thoughtful, reflective, energising, fun and relaxing. Plus I love teaching!

I have been teaching yoga in Cambridge for 16 years, since discovering yoga 18 years ago. Throughout this time, I have experienced, shared and studied how yoga can gently transform each person’s life. Yoga offers a toolkit of different ways to help calm the mind and body. The results can be felt in one class on a phyiscal, mental, emotional and energetic level. However, with a regular yoga practice, these tools help to bring a sense of wellbeing. This means that life can be enjoyed as much as possible.

I believe that yoga is accessible to everyone, whatever their physical, mental, emotional or energetic starting point. This is why I have studied how yoga can be applied to whatever stage of life you are at. In my classes and workshops, I draw on this wide range of knowledge and experience. This enables me to offer different styles and tools so that there is something for each student. My aim is for each student to find a place of physical, mental and emotional calm by the end of each class. No two classes are ever the same!

121 Therapeutic Yoga

Practising in a class setting is not appropriate for everyone. Because of this, I offer therapeutic and 121 yoga sessions as a qualified yoga therapist. Yoga is a very positive and empowering tool to help each person’s journey through life, whatever their situation.

Over the past 18 years, Anna has has studied and practised a range of yoga: Hatha, Meditation, Iyengar, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Restorative yoga to name a few. Her Yoga teacher training qualifications from America, Thailand and the UK are in:

Meditation on the Natural Breath with Traditional Yoga UK
Teen Yoga with Teen Yoga Foundation
Yoga Therapy Diploma with Yoga Campus, London.
Yoga Therapy (IYT)
Ashtanga Yoga (Paul Dallaghan at Yoga Thailand)
Birthlight antenatal and postnatal yoga diploma
Birthlight baby yoga diploma
Family yoga with Sitaram (Uma Dinsmore –Tuli)
Well woman yoga with Yoga Campus (Uma Dinsmore –Tuli and Ruth Gilmore)
Pranayama with Tiwari and Paul at Yoga Thailand

School yoga teacher training and teaching:
Anna is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher and has taught in mainstream primary school for 10 years. She combines both elements of teaching to share her passion for Yoga with teachers and students, through Yoga teacher training and classes for staff and students from Key Stage 1 – 5.

– Better breathing to calm, focus and energise

– Yoga poses and sequences to inmprove strength and flexibilty

– Guided relaxation to calm, soothe and nourish the body and mind

Firstly, I believe that yoga is wonderful way to nurture a sense of well being in every person, whatever their age or experience. Because of this, I teach yoga that brings release from stress and a sense of calm and freedom to the body and mind. Furthermore, in my classes, students work at breathing fully and deeply. Alongside this, we practice yoga poses to stretch, tone, align, strengthen and relax. Ultimately, this focus helps to clear the mind and bring a fresh perspective. Finally, we release tension from the body with guided relaxation at the end of the class. Ultimately, my aim is for each student to leave feeling more energized and relaxed.

Yoga can be transforming in the way that it can bring relief from pain and suffering. Once you have experienced the joy of yoga, it is something you can return to time and time again, whatever your stage of life, health or fitness.

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