About Anna

Anna Youngs yoga teacher

I have been studying yoga for twenty years and teaching it for eighteen years.

I love how yoga helps people feel better. Yoga teaches that we have all the tools within us to help us to feel good about ourselves and the world. We just have to know what the tools are and how to use them. Different yoga practices help to release tension, emotion, tiredness and stress. As no two people are the same, and no two situations are the same, 121 yoga therapy really helps to discover the right practice for each person, each time, depending on what their particular needs are overall and at the time of their appointment. This helps each person to find a happier place within, where they can relax and be themselves.

‘The right action is freedom from the past and future also’ TS Eliot The Four Quartets

Ever since my first yoga class, my personal yoga journey has brought me many things. To begin with, I felt the health benefits of stretching and strengthening my muscles and then relaxing deeply. Over time, yoga has bought me joy, health, a life-time of learning and the tools to help me with everyday challenges. Yoga can be thoughtful, reflective, energising, fun and relaxing.

My training and qualifications range from Thailand, America and the UK.

I am fully qualified, trained and experienced in teaching:

yoga therapy
hatha yoga
ashtanga yoga
yoga for women’s health
teen yoga
children’s yoga (qualified and experienced Primary School teacher)
pranayama (breathing practices)
pregnancy and birth preparation
baby yoga and postnatal yoga
family yoga

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