121 Yoga Therapy

Is there something on your mind and / or a pain in your body?

121 Yoga Therapy uses the tools of Yoga to address a specific health need or needs. This may involve some posture work, breath work, meditation and relaxation. After discussion, 121 yoga therapy is tailored to your personal situation and aims to help you restore, or discover, a greater sense of ease, energy and strength in day to day life.

121 Yoga Therapy is a way of making time for yourself to look after yourself. You do not need to have done yoga before. It can bring awareness of the body and mind connection and a greater understanding of how to help the body, mind, emotions and patterns of thinking. It provides a practical approach to developing a positive state of health. 

121 Yoga Therapy can help with all health issues: 

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • women’s health (periods, fertility, pregnancy, labour, postnatal recovery and menopause)
  • insomnia
  • depression and low self-esteem
  • back pain and stiffness
  • recovery from illness and surgery
  • improving fitness

No issue is too big or too small. If you would like to know if yoga can help you, please contact Anna.

What happens in a 121 Yoga Therapy session?

Each session is one hour long. All equipment is provided.

Prior to your first session, I ask you to fill out a health questionnaire.

At your first session, I will ask you a few questions about how you’re feeling and then we will set a goal. Then I give you an individual yoga practice, including a plan / recording of short, simple practices that you can do at home. Each session finishes with guided relaxation.

Prices and Booking
Relaxing Breathing Break

British Council for Yoga Teachers

Anna Youngs is a fully qualified and experienced yoga therapist, adult yoga teacher and teen yoga teacher with full insurance, DBS check and first aid certificate.