Terms and Conditions


Payment can be made with BACS or PayPal and must be paid at time of booking to secure your appointment. A full refund is given if you cancel your session with 48 hours notice otherwise no refund is given. A full refund is given if Anna Youngs cancels the session at any time.

Your well being in class, in a 121 session or on a workshop:

Whilst practising yoga is generally very safe and you will be in the hands of a very experienced and knowledgeable teacher, you are participating in all yoga activities at your own risk and are responsible for declaring any injuries, medical conditions or health conditions which could limit your ability or make the practice unsuitable prior to the class so that any relevant and necessary modifications or adjustments to the practice can be offered. Failure to declare could result in you being refused participation on the class / 121 session. Anna Youngs reserves the right to refuse participation to a class to any individuals who she deems the practice is unsafe or unsuitable for.  This could be for reasons including but, not limited to, addictions, severe depression, severe annorexia  and mental health problems.  If a condition has not previously been declared and results in you being refused admission into the class  then no refund will be given.

Any personal health information will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  If you would prefer to discuss in person rather than by email please give me a call.

Physical or verbal aggression will not be tolerated and Anna Youngs reserves the right for disruptive or aggressive participants to be removed part way through a class,  121 session or retreat. In this situation no refund will be given.

By coming to a 121, you take full responsibility for any COVID-19 precautions you wish to take. Please do not come for a session, if you have any symptoms of any virus, covid-19 or otherwise. I will cancel sessions if I have any symptoms of any virus and only teach when in full health. Wearing a mask is optional.

Agreement to Terms and Conditions – By attending a class or 121 session with Anna Youngs, you acknowledge and agree with the terms and conditions on this website. If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact me. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated.